Layout templates are Page Builder content areas containing rows, columns, and modules, which can be appended to or replace existing layouts.  After a layout template is added to a page, any aspect of the layout or content can be modified.

Layout templates are accessed from  the Templates button in the upper right of the screen.

There are two types of layout templates in Page Builder: 

  • Built-in layout templates
  • Custom layout templates

Built-in layout templates

Page Builder comes with a number of built-in layout templates, which can be a shortcut to designing your pages. Use a layout template that's similar to the design you want, make tweaks to the layout, and add your own content, and you've got a great looking page in no time. Or just try out various layout templates for inspiration or to learn how the layout was constructed.

Landing page templates

Landing page templates are layouts suitable for use as a landing page or home page. The following screenshot shows some examples.

Content page templates

Content page layouts focus on specific types of pages, such as portfolios, contact, FAQs, or a signup form. The following screenshot shows a few examples.

Save your own layout templates

You can save the Page Builder content area of any page. This is useful when you want your site to conform to a layout across more than one page. 

Alternatives to custom layout templates

Layout templates save the entire content area of a page. There are these options:

  • Duplicate the layout to a new page
    You can duplicate the Page Builder content area to a new page on your site without the need to save it as a layout template. 
  • Save individual rows and modules
    You can save individual rows or modules. If you save them as global objects, you can make a change in once place and the change is reflected everywhere else in the same site.