This is how you add Stripe as a payment gateway for your webshop. Stripe is an excellent solutions for handling payments through credit-and debet cards. 

In your admin dashboard, go to Your account - Plugins. Make sure WooCommerce and WooCommerce Stripe Gateway are activated.

Then go to Webshop (or WooCommerce) and Settings in the menu that pops up. 

Choose the tab Checkout and then Stripe in the menu line that shows up underneath.


  1. Tick the Enable Stripe checkbox. Untick to disable.
  2. Enter a Title (required) and Description (optional) seen by the customer during checkout.
  3. Tick the Enable Test Mode checkbox, if you wish to test before going live. Untick to begin accepting payments with Stripe.
  4. Enter your Live Secret Key and Live Publishable Key (obtained from your Stripe account). The Test Secret Key and Test Publishable Key are different and should only be used when Enable Test Mode selected in step 4.
  5. Enter Statement Descriptor, a description that appears on a customer’s credit card statement.
  6. Tick the checkbox to Capture Charge Immediately (Authorize and Capture) or untick to only Authorize. If you untick the box, you need to capture funds manually for each order via the order screen.
  7. Enable Stripe Checkout if you prefer a popup to request details, the ability to accept Bitcoinand using a checkout image. See next section Stripe Checkout to understand how it appears for customers.
  8. Enable Payment Request API (optional) if you wish to give customers the ability to pay via the API (must be supported by their browser). For example, this will prompt Chrome Pay if you’re using this browser on Android or desktop and you’ve got cards saved.
  9. Enable Apple Pay if you wish to give customers with an iOS 10+ device and Safari-based web browser the option to pay using Apple Pay.
    • Select Black or White for Apple Pay Button Style
    • Enter two-digit ISO code for Language. Default is en for English. Other languages, see:
    • Accept the Apple Pay Terms of Service (ToS). This is mandatory or you will receive an error.
  10. Saved Cards, if you want to give Stripe customers the ability to use a card saved on their account for future purchases.
  11. Log Debug Messages, if you wish to save logs that can help you/us troubleshoot your site. Can be disabled and enabled as needed.
  12. Save Changes.

Stripe should now be active as a payment option in your webshop. 

You can find more detailed information or help for troubleshooting here.