AUDIO is a flat module element for uploading audio files to your course, like a sound recording of a teaching or a song. 

Write a TITLE for the audio module and mark the box for "Show title in unit view" if you want the title visible in the course. We recommend that you write a title even if it is not visible in your course, to make it easier to find it if you later go back to edit the module.

To UPLOAD YOUR IMAGE, press "Browse" and "Select Files" to find the audio file to upload from your computer's file system. If the file already is uploaded to your Simplylearn database, press the tab "Media Library" and find your image in the list before pressing the "Insert into post" button. 

Simplylearn supports the following audio FILE TYPES: Mp3, Ogg, Wma, M4a & amp, Wav.

Under AUDIO PLAYBACK you have the following options:

  • Check LOOP AUDIO if you want the playback to automatically repeat whenever its finished.
  • Check AUTOPLAY AUDIO if you want the playback to start as soon as the page is loaded. When unchecked, the student has to press the play button to hear the audio. 

This is what an audio file looks like in the course:

Press DELETE MODULE under the text to remove the module element from your Item.