VIDEO is a flat module element where you can upload or add an already uploaded video to your course. 

We recommend that you use short video clips (less that 10 minutes) in courses that are done individually, knowing that the average attention span for video clips is short. If your video(s) is longer than this; try to divide it into smaller sections and add simple single- or multiple choice questions between them, making sure that student's retainment of your information is at its highest. 

Write a TITLE for the video module and mark the box for "Show title in unit view" if you want the title visible in the course. We recommend that you write a title even if it is not visible in your course, to make it easier to find it if you later go back to edit the module.

Under VIDEO SOURCE you can choose to paste a video URL from somewhere else online, like Youtube or Vimeo, or you can choose to upload a video from your computer. 

IMAGE CAPTION is the option of adding a custom text below your video. Choose the video's own media caption, or write your own.

A video with a custom video caption in the course:

Press DELETE MODULE under the text to remove the module element from your Item.