IMAGE is a flat information to add images and illustrations to your course.

We recommend that you use images and illustrations to divide up your text content, to make your content easier to read. You will find it easier for students to lose concentration reading text on a screen compared to reading a textbook, so you want to help them digest your content so they can actually remember and apply it. 


Press "Browse", press "Select Files" and find the image you want to use in your computer's file system. If the image already is uploaded to your Simplylearn database, press the tab ""Media Library" and find your image in the list before pressing the "Insert into post" button. 

IMAGE CAPTION is the option of adding a custom text below your image. Choose the picture's own media caption, or write your own.

An image with a custom image caption in the course:

Press DELETE MODULE under the text to remove the module element from your Item.