This step lets you choose the size of the course class, if you want course discussion available, and if the students will have access to their own workbook and results. 

Under CLASS SIZE you check off if you want to limit the number of people who can sign up to your course; and if so how many. If your course contains individual following up of students; manual grading and reading content, this is a good idea. Think about how many students you would be able to manage when setting this limit.

The class size looks like this in the course front page:

COURSE DISCUSSION gives the students their own discussion page where they can communicate with each other; all visible to the the other Students, Instructors and Facilitators. This is a basic forum for questions and answers. 

This is what discussion looks like in the course:

Showing the STUDENT WORKBOOK makes the students progression in the course available to them, along with their results and their grades/feedback. 

Press NEXT to save your progress and move to Step 6.