Every course needs one or more teachers or facilitators. These gain full access to the course; the setup, editing and adding content, reviewing and grading students' workbooks. Dividing these course administrators into instructors and facilitators is for the purpose of defining the role these individuals have in the course. Technically, both positions have the same rights and possibilities. 


You, as the one creating the course, is automatically added as the first instructor of the course. If this is not your position in the course, move the cursor over your picture and press the X that shows up. If you instructors are already registered on your portal, assign them by searching for their name, username or e-mail in the search field. If this is not the case; use the "Invite new ..." below.

The same procedure goes for COURSE FACILITATOR(S)


If your potential Instructors and/or Facilitators are not yet registered in your course portal, use this form to invite them into their position. 

Important! The invitation is bound to the e-mail address you use here; if they use another address when signing up, they will not automatically receive Instructor/Facilitator rights in the course. 

Press NEXT to save your progress and move on to Step 4.