This is the longer description of what the purpose of the course is and what it contains. These details will show up on the courses' own front page; the page that shows when one chooses the course in the portal. This page is visible to everyone. 

With FEATURED VIDEO you have the option of adding a video clip to your course description. This could be a preview of the content, someone explaining the course or an advertisement for the course. Press BROWSE and upload a video, or paste the URL to an already existing video on Youtube or Vimeo. If you do not add a video, the Featured Image from Step 1 will be visible instead. 

The FULL DESCRIPTION gives you the option of a longer and more detailed description of the course. Use this page to advertise for your content, giving your readers reason to press the "Sign up" button.

This is what the course's front page looks like: 


  • NORMAL means that your units' contents will show up on the pages like you set it up in your course, whereas FOCUS means that your students will only see your content one item at a time. 
  • UNIT LIST ONLY shows only the units in the overview, whereas EXPANDED UNIT LIST also shows the pages and modules of the unit. 

We suggest that you leave these options to Normal and Unit list only for now.

The COURSE STRUCTURE gives you options of how the course content will show up on the course's front page. We suggest you leave them at default for now, and then go back to test out what you prefer after you have added your content.

Press NEXT to save and move to Step 3.