The first thing you have to do when creating a new course is to go through the seven steps of the "Course Setup". In this first step you fill in the course information that will be visible on your portals overview of available courses. 

Remember: You can always go back and change the step settings.

TITLE is the name of the course

SHORT OVERVIEW is 1-3 sentences that describes your course

Under LANGUAGE you write the name of the language your course is in.

FEATURED IMAGE is the picture that shows up next to your course description. Because of the way this is set up, a square picture will look the best, preferably with a resolution higher than 1000x1000px. Press "Browse" and either upload your preferred picture from your device, or choose one from your portals media library. 

This is how the course previews on your portal:

Press NEXT to save your progress and move to step 2.